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The Archaeology of Influence: From Influentia to Influencers via Influnenza (2021S/A)

The International Society of Influentology, hosted by S.E.L.O.U.T., is pleased to announce the inauguration of A JOURNAL OF INFLUENTOLOGY as a platform for practical and theoretical research on the PROBLEMATICS of "influence." Each issue of this publication will focus on a specific theme from various perspectives through the OPTICS of "influence."


The inaugural issue OF OUR JOURNAL, to be published in 2024, will be dedicated to the theme of graves (tombs/cemeteries). We invite papers, essays, poems, drawings, concept plans, diagrams, etc., from all over the world that are related to this topic and wish to be published in this journal.

While most things produced in this world are records of the "content of existence" created during the lifetime of a particular being, the grave, as a device for burying the dead, can be considered as A record OF the very "fact of existence" that a PARTICULAR being lived. as such a unique remnant, the grave may be one of the most PRIMORDIAL "instrumentS of influence" in that it opens a finite life to the possibility of regeneration (in a broad sense) in an undetermined future. What kind of theories and practices might open up if we unravel the network of activities and notions surrounding death, such as "funeral rites," "memorial," "mourning," and "religion," by taking as a starting point the intersection of "grave" and "influence", a concept involving a CERTAIN twist of causality in anticipating an effect that can only take place on the receiving end?
To commemorate the birth of
A JOURNAL OF INFLUENTOLOGY, we would like to consider the possibilities of demise and rebirth, which are inevitably folded into life, through the specific operation and behavior of the grave as an "instrument of influence." We look forward to stimulating ideas and exciting arguments from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, including funerary practices, different forms and institutional divisions of grave markers and cemeteries, their entanglement with state power and political economy, debates over "natural burial" and "freedom of burial," PREEMPTION of time in "grave selection" and "living burial," proposals for possible and impossible graves, or artworks, PERFORMANCES, literature AND GAME dealing with CEMETeRIES, ETC.

●The selection process will be conducted in two phases. Applicants must first submit an abstract/PROPOSAL of AROUND 400 words that briefly outlines the INTENDED submission by October 30, 2023, using the form below (OR 
EMAIL S.E.L.O.U.T. with your name AND affiliation). We will review your abstract/PROPOSAL and contact you with the results. The actual deadline for THE manuscript is scheduled for December 31, 2023. Submitted manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before a final decision is made.

●Submissions may be WRITTEN in either Japanese or English. For other languages, please consult with us separately. Accepted manuscripts will be translated (if necessary) into English if in Japanese and into Japanese if in English.